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An honest work place is a good work place

Written by Bella Aviva

Trust between an employer and employee is one of the most important things in any workplace. It provides a basis of mutual understanding and respect between the two. But as unwanted as it may seem, there are always a few bad apples in the orchard. The key is to finding out who and why is important. Most of the time, these “bad apples” are pathological liars wherein they have developed a habit of lying to people, even directly face to face.

These individuals might have developed a habit of lying at a very early age and haven’t been corrected accordingly. Even though little white lies aren’t really damaging, individuals might develop a habit for lying and it will carry on until they mature, lying being their scapegoat to get them out of trouble. These people might prove to be a liability to the company but before making any brash judgement, it might be helpful to subject the person/s of interest to a lie detector test instead of just accusing them, at least this way, you have a basis to go along with rather than just false assumptions and accusations.

Honesty is the best policy at any workplace

While this statement holds true for any and every establishment or company, there are of course a few people who can lie straight to your face to either get what they want or to get out of something they don’t want to be in. Lying and cheating in a workplace is a definite no-no for any company and it helps to know if your employees are just as invested in the company as you are.

If there are instances that an employee or employees raise a red flag in terms of their work, it might probably be for the company’s best interest to subject the individual to a polygraph test just to make sure that they are in face telling the truth about something than lying.

Excuses, excuses. 

There are times when a certain employee or employees have certain habits which you may find a bit suspicious and can quite possibly raise a few red flags especially when there are anomalies. A quick polygraph test will prove whether or not your gut feeling is correct or not, by quick, it takes an hour and a half up to 4 hours to do a polygraph test.

Can your employee cheat the polygraph test? 

While cheating on a polygraph test is possible in the movies, real life polygraph tests are much different, especially with today’s innovation in technology. A modern polygraph test which has been updated partnered with a more than capable examiner is a sure fire way detecting whether or not your employee is really telling the truth or not. Rather than just straight out accusing someone of something, it’s really in your and your company’s best interest to get your employees to subject themselves to a polygraph test.

If in any case you notice some things that might raise a red flag with regards to your employees, a sure fire way is to getting them to do a polygraph exam, especially when their reasons don’t add up. It’s helpful rather than just calling them out based on hearsay and false assumptions.