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An insight into injection moulding and injection moulding equipment

Written by Bella Aviva

Plastic is almost an indispensable part of our lives today. We use it in various forms for various uses and this makes it necessary to produce plastic in bulk to meet the increasing demands for it. Designing plastic is a complicated task, as there are a number of requirements to be met for the design to be practical and serve its purpose properly.

Plastic is used in a molten form to create parts and things, and it is necessary that the processing is entirely planned, as a single mistake can render the entire product useless. There are a number of functional and structural factors to be taken care of, so that the end product meets all the required specifications.

Injection moulding equipment – A Look at it Internally

The main part of the equipment that is used for injection moulding purposes is called a press. The mold is normally clamped to the moulding machine, and plastic is injected into the mold through an orifice. The heavier the press, the stronger the impact of the force it generates. There is a screw-type plunger and a heating unit that is used to melt the plastic into the mould.

The shape of the design is created using a mould or die. This is typically constructed in a metal like aluminum or using alloys like stainless steel and beryllium-copper. The moulds are heated after they are manufactured, to make them superior and durable.

The process

During the process, granular plastic is fed into a barrel that’s heated to the required temperature. These granules are normally fed by means of a plunger, that forces the plastic into the barrel where it is melted. The plunger moves forward, pushing this melted plastic through a nozzle into the mould cavity. Once the mould is filled, the plastic quickly sets into the structure that is determined by it.

While this is an overview of the entire process, there may be several more steps based on the type of design and the specific method that is employed in the production. During the injection moulding process in elite machinery systems, the pressure, temperature and speed of injection etc have to be set, so that the mold sets into shape within the right amount of time.

There are different types of plastic injection moulding processes, each of which may yield a different product. The choice of equipment would depend on the type of product that is to be created. There are various other additives that are usually used in certain specific production methods. The process may involve low pressure operations in case of certain plastics, there may be compression techniques employed at times, and the moulding may also be assisted by a gas injection in certain cases.