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How To Send Your Parcel To Abroad In Safe Manner?

Written by Bella Aviva

If you are about to send a parcel abroad for the first time, you need to take care of certain aspects of the shipping time, safety, professionalism of the courier organisation, etc. You must not want to send damaged goods to the other end, nor do you wish to get them lost during the transportation. You have to select a reliable courier agency who can take optimum care of your parcel by adequately packaging and delivering it without any scratch.

Be cautious:


Always check whether your parcel has been put in the box or envelope which matches the size of the shipment. Abroad means a long distance. If the package is too large, the goods can immensely suffer a cut or dent. Again, if the outer cover is overstuffed, it can lead to tearing. If you are doing the wrapping yourself, mind getting an appropriate material that is suitable for the contents. Usually, cardboard covers are used.


Don’t forget to visit the official website of the country for receiving the knowledge of the rules and regulations if you are sending a parcel to abroad. Remember, international shipments require various paperwork related to the customs documents, charges, dangerous goods, etc. You must check if the commodities in your packet are allowed in the receiving country.

Contact details

Provide your contact details like email address, home address, phone number for the receiver if you have to send a parcel abroad. The hired courier company put the delivery address. Your information is required in case there are any issue and extra questions regarding the customs. Few countries won’t do the delivery until they obtain a valid phone number for the beneficiary.


It’s better to select a courier company that has worldwide coverage. You will be assured that your parcel will reach the cut-off destination too. The organisation must have the facility to enable you to track your box all the time from anywhere through smartphone and computer.


Additional paperwork is required when you have to send a parcel abroad. The international delivery services ask you to fill a pro-forma invoice. The customs agents use the documents which include the items’ value and the contents. The organisation will help you to complete the form fill-up.


You are about to send your parcel to a foreign country where the environment may be adverse. Keep up with the information of the present weather of the particular place. Non-native transportation takes place through land, sky, water, and rail. The cargo may become the victim of climate hazards and the trembling during the movement of the specific medium of transport. Again, oversea parcels can make several halts in between the journey. Ask your courier agency about the appropriate packaging material and the relevant things to make sure of the safety of your whole pack.


After ensuring that your parcel is in secured condition, get the quotes on the delivery cost. Enter the dimensions, destination, and weight of the package into the organisation’s delivery quote form. There may be some added customs charges based on the commodity and the value.

Don’t talk to a single courier agency. Have a conversation with many so that you can get the best service at affordable price. Contact the customs office of the destined country for receiving an estimation of costs.