Different Types Of Psychometric Assessment Tests

Written by Bella Aviva

When you want to get the right resource to be part of your winning team, you must make sure you send every candidate through the psychometric assessment test. These tests will check the candidate’s verbal ability, numerical skill, and personality, logical and behavioural skills.  You must know what the different kind of analysis available to select the appropriate test for your organization and the position are.

General Test

The General Test given for psychometric assessment will be a complete test that includes the following evaluation in its analysis.

  • General Abstract, Numerical and Verbal Reasoning.
  • Motivation and Cultural ValueQuestionnaire

Use this test to hire resources for junior roles such as analyst, executive, and other individual contributors.

Management Test

This test is developed specifically to test the calibre of top level people. Typically the management category staffs must undergo this psychometric assessment as it contains the following section.

  • Critical Abstract, Numerical and Verbal Reasoning.
  • Behavioural traits.
  • Motivation and Cultural Value Questionnaire.
  • Logical reasoning.
  • People management skill based questions.

Sales Test

Questions about the sales psychometric test can be suitable for sales professionals across levels. Difference between a junior and senior sales professional will be identified by giving general (sales executive level) and critical (sales manager level) test to the sales professional respectively.

  • Critical or General Abstract, Numerical and Verbal Reasoning.
  • Behavioural traits.
  • Motivation and Cultural Value Questionnaire.
  • Sales inclinationpointers.
  • Selling skills.
  • Convincing skills.

Graduate Test

The graduate psychometric test benchmarks the college grad candidates including a question that can test their critical competencies needed for the specific job role.  The test category will have all sets similar to that of a general test. But it may tune the questions for an entry level executive. Unlike general test questions might have a mix of questions for candidates with a couple of year of more experience.

Technical Test

The Technical psychometric assessment test will include questions regarding the concepts of technical aspects. It will help to assess the ability of a professional resource to crack the problems. Find below the list of focused,specialized areas.

  • Mechanical and Spatial Reasoning ability.
  • Visual perception.
  • Behavioural traits.
  • Motivation and Cultural Value Questionnaire.

Industrial Test

This test will include questions that can help to measure the cognitive skill of the exclusivelyintendedprocedure oriented tasks. It consists of the following criteria:

  • Instruction Following.
  • Numerical ability.
  • Paying focus for details.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Integrity and Honesty survey.
  • Responsiveness to safety at the workplace.

Thus you can see different kinds of test you can choose for your organization and select the right candidates fitting your job profile. You need these specific criteria to have a detailed analysis about each candidate meeting the role.

The reports generated for the test results will be elaborative and just not scores, and hence you can make quick decisions based on the outcome. Every psychometric test mentioned above is self-sufficient. You can go with one of the comprehensive analysis for assessing applicants during the hiring process.