Great OCBC Wealth Management Products For Investment Diversification

Written by Bella Aviva

Besides mobile and internet banking, credit card services, and complimentary life insurance coverage services, OCBC offers tons of wealth management products for investment diversification. These products are customized and personally tailored to match the special investment needs of every investor. Listed here are some of the wealth management products offered by OCBC which you can use to diversify your investments and grow your finances.

Tons Of Deposit Accounts

OCBC has a worldwide reputation in the provision of wealth boosting deposit accounts at the most preferential rates in the market. One of their premium deposit products is the premier booster account that lets you earn 1.20% P.A yearly for savings above RM50, 000 and up to 3.35% P.A all your savings above RM200, 000. There is also the foreign currency account while allows you to save your money in American, Australian, Singaporean, and Kiwi dollars to enjoy a whole range of high-interest rates and promotions.

Tons Of Investments

OCBC also offers tons of rewarding investment solutions that best suit the special investment needs and goals of every investor. The best investment solutions offered by OCBC include retail bonds, structured investments, dual currency investments, and unit trusts.

wealth management products for investment diversification

MultipleInsurance Plans

OCBC provide investors with a variety of flexible insurance solutions. Regardless of your personal investment preferences and goals, OCBC offers you amazing insurance plans such as Medical Insurance, Universal Life for Legacy Planning, and endowment plans so that you can choose the ideal insurance investment solution for you.

Tons Of Premier Banking Solutions

Another of the amazing wealth management products for investment diversification offered by OCBC bank are tons of premier banking solutions. Regardless of if you want to refinance an existing loan, buy a new property, or get liquidity without having to sell your assets, OCBC has tones of premier loan products best suited for you. The financial and premier banking investment products offered by OCBC are overseas property financing, premier housing loan, and profit-oriented overdraft alongside your Shares, investment, Deposit, and Insurance Products.

Lots OfPhone and Facsimile Banking Solutions

If there is any new payment and banking technology that’s more in demand than ever before is the mobile banking and facsimile banking facilities. These banking solutions include all the features and technologies the most average banks looks for in the most efficient and reliable banking solutions. Mobile banking applications feature user-friendly and easy-to-maneuver features that let you easily manage your accounts on the internet using your mobile devices. As for the facsimile banking facilities, they give you all you need to easily and safely manage your banking and transactions. OCBC offers the most innovative and user-friendly mobile banking apps to give you the banking flexibility and convenience you need to make the most of your mobile and internet banking.