Know about the best Portable Monitors for your business

Written by Bella Aviva

Regardless of how many small systems are introduced in the market such as, laptops, tablets, widescreen mobile phones; nothing can replace the fun of working on the desktop, CPU and a monitor. You may not require a desktop essentially, but in order to enjoy big screen experience, a good sized monitor is necessary. Most of us have the need of it during work or for other purposes. The concept of Portable monitors allows you to carry your monitor anywhere on the go. Whether you are on vacation or always on travel; these best portable monitors lets you carry them along with you, wherever you go.

Laptops are not self sufficient. They may not match all your needs, if you have to work on many high end softwares. Thus, you can connect 32GB hard-disk or Apple’s CPU and work with it. The portable monitors come with two types of connections. These are USB connected or HDMI connected. Although each connection has their own set of advantages and disadvantages, they are necessary in their own ways. A portable monitor is of great usage for professionals, gamers, movie watchers, programmers, anyone and everyone. The monitors not only provide interest in working, but are also engaging, in terms of portability feature and screen size.

Know the best types of Portable Monitors:

There are the many best Portable monitors, which are available in the market. We list out three such variants. As discussed before, Portable monitors have two types of connectivities: USB and HDMI. The screen requires a single USB cable for powering and connecting with other device. They depend on other device power and do not require external power source. They are cheaper than HDMI monitors and are easy to use. The HDMI monitors provide HDMI connectivity to other gadgets like phones and cameras. They are little more expensive and selective options are available.

  1. AOC e1659Fwux – Pro: the 16 inch monitor which provides full HD, connected using USB and which is powered using the portable LED monitor is from the company AOC. It has a powerful display of 300cd/m2 brightness. The contrast ratio is in the 500:1. It provides an appreciative performance, with fast data transfer rates and stylish looks. It goes good with Windows 7, 8 and 10. The screen remains firm and steady to use. It provides complete stability even on the stand or when hanged to wall.
  1. ASUS MB168B : the 15.6 inch widescreen portable monitor which provides connectivity using USB is what you can term to as “perfect”. It provides the big screen experience, with the best stylish looks. The USB 3.0 connection allows dual transfer of data and power. The model looks slim and elegant. Don’t get cheated by its sleek design and glossy finish. If you are thinking, that it provides less output, then you must know that, it is one of the most admired monitors among all the ones available in the market.
  2. GeChic 2501C: the 15.6 inch HDMI connectivity monitor is available to provide you, the best experience of HDMI. Although, it is a little more costlier than USB monitors, it provides the best experience. The GeChic is an electronics manufacturing company. Their portable monitors come with HDMI and VGA connectivity.