Written by Bella Aviva

CoinSpot is currently a platform of great interest to people, especially Australians. Why is that? This is because CoinSpot is very safe, convenient, and profitable for the trading cryptocurrency. Indeed, to create a CoinSpot account is not easy and requires some verification, but this makes the privacy of each user protected from the danger of identity theft. In addition, CoinSpot has a very friendly user interface so people can easily use it. Comfort in CoinSpot cannot be replaced with other platforms. Perhaps other platforms have narrower spreads, but they do not offer comfort like in CoinSpot. is coinspot safe or scam?

Is CoinSpot Safe or Scam?

CoinSpot is a platform registered with the Australian Business Number and CoinSpot is also one of the Australian Digital Trade Association members. These two things make CoinSpot a secure trading platform for the cryptocurrency. So, in a purchase or sale transaction in CoinSpot, it is very safe and there is nothing to worry about. Is coinspot safe or scam? CoinSpot has a 2FA authentication system that requires all users to verify their identity using their email and mobile phone number. 2FA authentication system also has security to ward off viruses or hackers. In addition, this security system can also help ward off identity theft by other merchants by using your identity. This distinguishes CoinSpot from other trading platforms. In addition, CoinSpot is adherent to applicable Australian laws and regulations. The law used is the 1988 Privacy Act of Australia. The terms of use of CoinSpot are that you are prohibited from engaging in activities that are illegal. If, at any time you do so easily the police will arrest you.

How About Fees and Charges in CoinSpot?

As you may know that CoinSpot has a very transparent commission fee. However, CoinSpot has wide spreads. In trading, you can buy at a fairly high price and sell at a relatively low market price. In addition, you must pay a commission of 2% -3% above that price. Maybe you think that this is very expensive, but CoinSpot can guarantee the security, comfort, and simplicity that you will get. Although CoinSpot is quite expensive, nothing can beat its quality. You will be charged a transfer fee if you transfer in another exchange. However, you can have a small deposit available. CoinSpot is a place you can use to perform a backup deposit that is used to purchase multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time.