Things to remember while selecting the best international haulage firm in the UK

Written by Bella Aviva


International trade between different EU countries has a huge volume and there are several international transporters who carry and transport the goods from one country to another. Exporting goods in bulk to another country can be quite expensive and affect the profit margin of your business. To stay profitable you need to select the best transporter providing cheap rates and superior freight services operating internationally. If you need to send a pallet to France as an individual then you must look out for the possible options offering low cost, reliable and fast haulage services.

Features to consider:

To choose the best haulage services in your region, you must do a prior research about the available options you have. Below given is a list of features a good haulage firm should have:

  • The first thing you should look for in a haulage firm is if the firm has a valid permit for international transport or not. Only the top transporters get the approval from the BIFA (British International Freight Association). So, you must check if the firm you choose has the necessary approvals and permits.
  • Different haulage firms have different pricing plans and commercial terms. So, don’t be fooled by the advertising gimmicks and choose wisely. Most of the firms have an economy plan for standard delivery and an express plan for same-day delivery. Many firms also offer ‘spot pricing’ apart from these two standard plans. It is a customised plan based on the availability of resources best suited for your needs.
  • The best firms offer insurance coverage against any damage of your goods during transit or delivery. This is an important feature that you should not ignore. With insurance, you can ensure to avoid any financial losses due to damage caused to your pallet to France. With this option, you can always claim the amount of money from the transporter equal to the value of your damaged goods.
  • If possible, check the fleet they own and the partner network the firm have. These are the prime factors that decide the safe and timely delivery of goods.


Thus, keep in mind the above features and select the best haulage firm within your budget. The websites and social media pages also provide necessary information about the service provider. So, check those before you connect with the 24×7 live customer care team asking for a quote.