What Is The Predicted Future Of The Fidentiax Technology

What Is The Predicted Future Of The Fidentiax Technology
Written by Bella Aviva

Every idea that gets implemented has a future. The future can be bright or doomed. It all depends on how well the idea is implemented and the way the target audience receives it. The Fidentiax idea isn’t an exception. It has already been implemented and the fruits are noticeable. The future of this technology is yet undefined though. However, based on expert evaluations, it is likely that this idea will be a successful one. That’s why the future of trading investment policy Singapore is expected to be bright.

Change Insurance Policies From Product-Driven To People-Driven

The Fidentiax technology is expected to make insurance policies and other insurance products portable. It’s going to change the policies from being product-based to human-based.  With the current insurance products, you can’t make even the smallest of adjustments on life insurance policies. In short, you can’t change or shift your insurance policy or its value even if you visit your insurance company. The Fidentiax technology is expected to totally change the way insurance policies are operated. It will make it possible for insurance policyholders to easily adjust their insurance products as well as shift their policies to other insurance companies if they so wish.

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Eradicate The Need For Human Intervention In Insurance Products Distribution

To buy or sell an insurance policy, you must visit your insurance company and have everything done manually. Even with the current Fidentiax marketplace, to sell your insurance policy, you ought to visit your insurance company to have all insurance policy shifted to the names of the person you intend to sell the insurance policy. However, Fidentiax is still under development and there are plans to automate everything. In short, the system will be customized such that it will automate the distribution of life insurance products. The plans underway are to add Robo-Advisors and AI technology on the Fidentiax system in the future so that it will be possible to distribute insurance products directly without the need for human input.

Allow The Issuing Of Insurance Policies

Buying an insurance policy Singapore today requires you personally visit an insurance company and have the whole insurance policy issuing process handled manually. Selling your life insurance policy will as well require you visit your insurance company’s offices and have the documents shifting process handled manually. This is obviously time-consuming. Fidentiax promises to provide a solution to such a problem in future. It is predicted that their systems will be refined and advancedmaking it possible to issue insurance policies directly from their systems.  They will design their system in such a way that the issuing of common insurance policies as well as maintenance, and administration of insurance policies will be done automatically. The plans underway are to automate everything related to insurance trading. This means handling common insurance claims and settlement processes will as well be automatically managed.