The Advantages of Secured Transactions for Property Investments
Written by Bella Aviva

The real estate industry is still booming and continues to grow, especially that is has learned the ropes after the crisis that has greatly affected this area in 2008. Property investors are willing to shell out more money to more houses and there are younger pool of investors that are starting to emerge. The demand for these properties is growing and transactions are also increasing.

Feel Safer With Secured Transactions

People usually go through a transaction normally as the company offers it. But did you know that you can gain access to secured transactions so you feel safer when making the purchase? You heard that right. The chances of security breach through your account which will shell out millions of dollars in investments are high. There are been reports of criminal targeting both sellers and buyers of houses by stealing valuables and even cash. This article will introduce you to secured transactions when buying your first home.

Actions That You Can Do On Your Own

Before heading over to secured transactions and companies that offer them, it is necessary that you learn to maximize your resources and start thinking of certain ways by which you can actually seek out the best tips that you can do on your own.

During open houses, the first line of defense that you can implement is to watch over the event for any suspicious activity that may take place. Especially if you are a property seller, make sure that the open house is only intended for visitors and guests. Before any guest arrives, make sure that they fill out information sheets asking for their full names, contact numbers and addresses. One way to enhance this is to even hire security personnel to describe the physical appearance of visitors coming in and log them into their record books. Since there are times when buyers are willing to enter into a deal during the open house, you have to keep everything safe.

Introducing State-of-the-art Secured Transactions

One promising way to experience the best of security for your transactions, whether you are a buyer or a seller, is through an authentication method that is proven and tested. Ipsidy is a company that introduces a biometric, multi-factor authentication designed with sub-features for maximum safety. Some of these will be discussed.

The Biometric Verification is a process that detects identifying factors such as face, iris, fingers, and voice of persons through the technology provided by Apple and Android devices. It also offers a feature known as the Dynamic Digital Signature that provides more security by verifying data distinct into each transaction to prevent breach and attacks. Each transaction is utilized using biometrics and create a digitally-signed audit record as well to increase the level of security during administrative tasks and accounting.

Companies That Offer Them

Ipsidy is a company that caters to various individuals such as government employees, investors, and professionals to ensure that all transactions they are making whether with their everyday purchases or with their investments are kept within secured walls. To learn more about these features, head over to