What is a free bitcoin?

Written by Bella Aviva

Bitcoins are the digital coins which are used electronically. These coins were created by a group of software programmers. This bitcoins are not controlled by a single institution or a person. Only a limited amount of bitcoins are being generated. Each and every transaction of the bitcoins are transparent and it is not controlled by the government.Using the bitcoins we can purchase crypto currencies. The Validity of the crypto currencies is determined by the public transactions. This crypto currency can be purchased in online using the debit and credit cards. There are certain websites which provide these purchases. There is free bitcoin you can get from certain websites.

Characteristics of bitcoins

Bitcoin network is providing fullest transparency, they provide public ledger which is known as blockchain. From that we can know the validity of bitcoins which are used. The characteristics of bitcoins are as below

  • This bitcoins are designed as independence network which is not controlled by any government or by any individual.
  • This is very transparent and they update all the transactions in the block chain. So the users can get the update at any time.
  • These accounts are anonymous.
  • The transactions are very fast and they need not wait for the transaction to load. It happens immediately. Maximum within 10 min the transaction gets completed.
  • The receiver of bitcoins cannot say that they did not receive the bitcoins. As the transactions are transparent.
  • The sender can get back the bitcoins only when the receiver receives the money and send back to them.

free bitcoin

How can we get free bitcoins

In certain sites, there are free bitcoins available. So that if we purchase more than a specified limit the offer free bitcoin. There is a limit which we can invest in the bitcoins. But we can pump the results and get more income.

  • These bitcoins can be used in various places like theatres, for booking air tickets in specific airlines, restaurants, hotels and they also play in online using these bitcoins.
  • Spending these bitcoins are still limited, as they are not like cash. It is bit complex way form of payment.
  • Buying bitcoins are very easy. We can purchase bitcoins from the market place. We can also buy the bitcoins from the persons who already have it in person.
  • The bitcoins can also be purchased by paying the cash or using both debit and credit cards.
  • The mobile wallets are also available which has high storage capacity.

Earlier the person who owns a powerful computer can buy the bitcoins. But the case is totally different from the competition and the popularity of the bitcoins are increased. Even the corporate companies are involved in the bitcoin purchase.