Renew Two Wheeler Insurance Quickly and Save Time

Renew Two Wheeler Insurance Quickly and Save Time
Written by Bella Aviva

The online comprehensive two wheeler insurance plans are great! They are cheap and loaded with amazing features. They are also very easy to purchase and give you the maximum possible cover. So whether you want to buy or renew two wheeler insurance, give the online route a try. In this article, we list the handy tips you can use for buying comprehensive bike insurance online. Take a look.

Tips for Online Purchase of Two Wheeler Insurance Plans

When you purchase or renew your bike insurance plan online, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Compare: The first, most significant and definitely the most useful tip is for you to compare the various online bike insurance plans. You simply cannot buy or renew bike insurance without comparing the available options. Comparing helps you find the most suitable cover. You also get an idea about the other components of the plan. And most importantly, you get to save money. This is because when you compare, the prices of all the plans are right in front of you. You then know which is the best option for you.
  • Look at the type of cover: When you look to buy or renew two wheeler insurance online, keep an eye out for the type of cover you choose. There are two types of bike insurance – third party and comprehensive. Both these types offer very different covers. Unless you understand the type of cover you need, you won’t be able to appropriately choose an online bike insurance plan.

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  • Check the claim settlement ratio: When getting a bike insurance plan online, you also have to analyse how well the insurance provider functions. There is an easy to follow method for you – simply check every insurer’s claim settlement ratio or visit If a particular insurer has a healthy ratio to boast of, you can safely buy your bike insurance plan from them.
  • Look at the duration of the plan: Bike insurance is available for one, two or three years. When getting a new plan or renewing an existing one, you can alter the policy period of the fresh plan. It can be different from the duration of your old plan. Select the duration properly to get the most value out of the bike insurance cover.
  • Calculate the NCB: This is applicable to those who want to renew two wheeler insurance online. If you have an accumulated no claim bonus (NCB), then ensure it has been taken into account for reducing your premium. The NCB can be transferred so don’t let go of your NCB even if you are changing your insurance provider.
  • Look for other discounts: Some insurance providers offer discounts on bike insurance. For example, you get a discount if you are a member of a registered automobile association. Then, discounts are also available to those who install ARAI approved safety gadgets in their bikes. Look for such discounts and choose your insurer wisely as this can pull down your bike insurance expenses considerably.

You can renew or even buy your two wheeler insurance plan instantly over the internet. Just keep the points mentioned above in mind while you do so.

Use safe payment methods for online payments

Be very careful about online insurance frauds. Unfortunately, incidents of fraud do take place. It is therefore advisable for you to trust only a well-reputed online insurance broker website like to compare and buy your bike plan. You can also directly go to your preferred insurance provider’s website and make the purchase. Always stick to secured payment gateways and refrain from using unconventional payment methods. Also, never give your card or bank account details to anyone over the phone. No insurer will ever ask you for it. Make the payment electronically. A little caution from your end can go a long way in making your transaction safe.

In conclusion

Keep these handy tips in mind when you purchase or renew two wheeler insurance online. As we saw, there indeed are many advantages of using the internet to buy two wheeler insurance. Make use of these benefits and get yourself the ideal bike insurance cover. Be careful while making the payments and stay away from fraudsters. Once that is done, you will see exactly how quick, convenient and easy it is to own a comprehensive two wheeler insurance plan.