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Sales Training: When Your Results Do Not Equal Your Efforts

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Written by Bella Aviva

“The results you achieve is in direct proportion to the efforts you apply.”

Has your sales team been exerting as much effort as they can but still not seeing as much results as you want?

Then maybe it’s time you gift your team with a sales training program.

Still not convinced?

Here’s a study titled “The Business Case for Sales Training” which reveals that a well-designed sales training program improves sales results.

This sales training study from CSO Insights, surveying more than 2000 companies, shows the high ROI that sales organizations can achieve with a very good sales training.

The companies were asked to rate their training programs as “exceeded expectations”, “met expectations” and last “needed improvement”.

Here are the 5 results showing how a well-designed training program can increase the results of a sales organization:

  • Increase number of reps achieving their quotas

A 3% increase in the number of sales rep achieving their quotas are seen  with those who rated their training programs as “exceeding expectations: compared to those whose sales training “just met expectations” and even an 8% increase compared to those whose training programs “need improvement”.

  • Higher win rates

Win rates tell you the success rate of your sales team. So if you have 100 sales engagements and you win 40, you have a 40% win rate.

Dynamo Selling

Those whose training exceeded expectation has higher win rates (52.6%) than those wise training just met expectations (48%) or needed improvement (40%).

  • Better alignment of solutions to customer needs

Sales success are achieved by identifying customer needs and aligning your solutions to those needs.

Those whose training programs “exceeded expectations” did better compared to those with “just met expectations” (84.9% vs. 79.1%), and significantly better than those with “needs improvement” (79.1% vs. 44.9%).

  • Lower turnover of sales force

It takes a while for new salespeople to be trained and get fully productive so a higher turnover actually hurts the sales organization.

Those whose training programs exceeded expectation had the lowest rate (11.9%), those with “met expectations” slightly higher (13.9%) and those with “needs improvement”  have the highest (19.5%).

  • Better and effective Sales coaching

Effective sales coaching results in better selling skills.

Those with management sales coaching exceeding expectations had higher overall revenue plan attainment compared to those with just met expectation (94.8% vs. 89.3%) and needs improvement (89.3% vs. 84.5%).

So given these compelling reasons, if you do decide to gift your sales team a well-designed training program, check out Dynamo Selling.